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Originally Posted by Doug
First of all, IT'S GUYS LIKE YOU THAT PI$$ ME OFF! Grow up! You already contradicted yourself by saying you know Moss sooooo well and he's not a whiner. Then come back and say maybe he is a whiner.(Calm down John Kerry!) You talk about your defense like they're good and their ranked 29th in total defense, 30th in passing defense, and 10th in rushing defense. Now that 10th spot looks really good but you haven't played anyone with any real running game. Other than your passing game right now you guys really don't have too much to brag about but with the the way our team has been jekyll and Hyde that may be all you need but I doubt it. Also you can laugh all you want and dare all you want about us blitzing but you can bet it will happen and you may not like what the outcome is. By the way, 75 is winter highs weather 'round here so maybe you should watch the weather channel and maybe you'll see that to compare the temerature up there to down here is apparently another situation where you don't know what you're talking about. Come here talking smack and don't know anything about football or the weather. LOL How ya like them apples?

LMAO How ya like them apples?
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