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Hey, I hope you guys know the appreciation that all of us have for you. Flags still fly on cars and ribbons are taped on bumpers and windshields every where you look. I do love your enthusiasm. HOWEVER, I spent three years in the Marine Corps to allow you, me and every one else the right to criticize or complain.

Most is just frustration. Especially after seeing how different the outcome could have been. Unless the criticism turns into name calling or is degrading, it should be allowed. I also think most fans that "slam" any Houston team would be among the first to defend them against an outsider. Sort of a family situation, you know?

My email is if you ever want to talk. I still remember mail call and how excited we got to just get a note saying we were remembered. The "low crawl" kept me out of a lot of trouble! Be safe. Be well.

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