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The point of stretching the field is not to get someone from teh other side to make the tackle, it is to allow more men to come up to the line to make the play. The back side does not come over to make the play, because if there is a cut back, then who do you suppose will stop it? a safety 15 yards down field? an offside LB should only be making tackles on the other side of the field if someone breaks off a run, if its in the backfield thats the job of the other linebackers and linemen. and just because daunte didnt run it doesnt mean Babin isnt at fault, he had all day out on the flat to make a pass, and yes it was a huge back breaker in the game. and for those of you who say his play has been better and better you tell me how 18 tackles and 2 sacks in playing basically 5 games, except 4th quarter against KC, is better than 7 tackles and a sack, and forcing two other sacks in basically 1 quarter against KC, and a few other random downs that Peek has? exactly the math doesnt add up for Babin, say what you want but numbers dont lie.
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