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(on dunta) clearly the best player the Texans have on the defensive side already
wow, forgetting a certain j.sharper are we? and its hard for me to listen to all the peek pwns babin, babin's a bust blah what if babin "only" beat a tight end for a sack, it was still an nfl TE wasn't it? how many people did peek beat on his untouched sack in K.C. that he was so hearleded for in that game? whereas babin gets downplayed when tackling the leagues most complete running back (L.T.) for a 3yd loss; i guarentee if peek makes that same tackle it only adds fuel to the fire that peek is better than babin if only given the chance to prove it

Babin had a fine game yesterday, and sure, he will be on the ground from time to time, like everyone else. He is making our decision to move up to snag him look like a better and better move each week.
agreed, just because we traded up in the draft to get babin doesn't mean we should expect a lawernece taylor incarnate in babin's first nfl season. playing solid while making the transition from DE to LB is as much as you can ask from a good football player, which babin is.

Why in the world would he chase a running back he has no chance to catch (he was running in the opposite direction)
must not of played much football, or at least much defense. if moore would have gotten the ball, the left side of the front 7 is supposed to stretch that to the sideline and babin should have been one of the first 3 to make the tackle. that being said he did get "okie doaked" and bit a little too hard inside, but seeing as culpepper didn't run it in, shouldn't the CB/S share a little more of than blame than "its babin's fault they scored"?

my only complaint about jason babin is his gooney goatie, he looks like the love child of a vampire and luigi (of super mario brother fame)
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