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Default Where the Texans are, and where the Texans are going

I was at the game yesterday and screamed myself hoarse. Without a doubt that game was the most exciting sporting event I have ever been to. The Texans played their guts out, but the loss still hurts. As a fan it was bothering me some today, so the players have to be down some. I know they are pros and claim to put it behind them, but they are people too and I bet it hurts. The game was something like Rocky, with the Texans making a comeback and taking it to the fifteenth round. In the end the game was a loss on the scoreboard, but a good showing for a team still looking for its identity.

The Bad: The Texans canít stop the run. The Texans really canít stop the run, and it is killing them. Some people blame it on the 3-4, I think the jury is still out on the 3-4 for the Texans. The Texans did well our first season on defense with the 3-4, and Capers did fantastic with it in Pittsburgh. Any defense can be bad if you donít have good personnel. The Texans do not have the right personnel for stopping the run with the 3-4 or the 4-3 right now and it is a problem.

The Texans are having very good or very bad days in the secondary. I believe that Coleman will make a great safety by the end of this year into next, but he is inconsistent with play calling right now. Miscommunication is what gave Moss that big TD.

The running game is inconsistent. DD is a good running back, and so are Wells and Hollings. The Texans havenít figured out the best way to use them all yet.

Slow starts. How many more games will the Texans have little or no scores in the first quarter? I donít know how to make a football team come out hot, but Capers and Palmer need to figure it out.

Suspect play calling. DD getting the ball six times in a row? I donít know if it is Palmer or Carrís fault, but it stops right now. If Carr canít help himself from throwing the check-down and not be patient to let something develop, then DD stays to block until he learns how. If Palmer is telling Carr to keep feeding DD the ball, then he needs to stop. Also, DD is not an outside runner and it didnít work either time the Texans tried it. Perhaps the Texans should use the pass to set up the run rather than the run to set up the pass.

The Good: AJ = enough said. Carr = enough said.

Armstrong should be a starter. He is clutch, and never lets the team down.

Heart. This team has a lot of heart, and as clichťd as it sounds it is important. The Texans fought harder than they ever fought before in a game. I think the team played as well as the win over the Cowboys.

The offense is incredible when it gets going. At this rate the Texans will be nigh unstoppable over the next couple of years.

The conclusion: The loss hurts but the future looks bright. We have a good team here in Houston. With great management, good coaching and a desire to win. The defense needs work, but the offense can be as potent as anyoneís in the NFL. As long as the Texans keep fighting, the close ones will eventually go our way. It is just a matter of time.
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