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Cool Something to say to the doubters

To start, I'm in the military, and I'm stuck in the hellhole that is South Korea. I can't believe all the negative threads I've seen about our Texans. I don't have the luxury of watching our team every Sunday on CBS. I have to pay just to listen to the Texans on the radio, and you know what? I'm proud of that. This isn't the team that lost 12 games their first season, and this sure as h3ll isn't the team that lost 11 games last year. I'm tired of getting online at midnight Texas time (cause there is a 14 hour difference here) and reading all the threads from the losers who want to bash Chris Palmer, or David Carr, or Charley Casserly, or Dominick Davis. If you really think that this isn't the best team we've fielded since Earl Campbell, you need to make your own website called Ican'! Take your negative attitude somewhere else. Today, you saw a team TOTALLY overmatched by a superior Vikings team come back from 21 points (might as well been 28) to send the game into overtime. I didn't get to see the Carr to Johnson superplays, I just heard it on radio and it sounded amazing to me. You fans who dog the Texans don't know how good we have it, just ask any Browns fan. Get behind your team. Stop dogging the coaches, cause if you were good enough to be the coach, you'd be there. And for the love of God, have a little optimism, cause for some of us, hoping our football team will win is all that connects us to home. This Texan team is just the start of something great in our town. Go Texans, go David Carr, go Dominick Davis, go Andre Johnson, go Jamie Sharper and go every other playmaker we've put on the field in our three amazing years as the best expansion team ever.

*when I say "we've fielded" I mean Houston, not just the Texans.
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