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To the Texans

Today, you lost. There has been many a day you lost and walked off the field with no one even giving you the time of day. That day in my eyes has changed. No longer do I see highlights of Daunte CulPepper and his 5 touchdowns. No. They show highlights of the incredible comeback of David Carr and the outstanding catchs from Armstrong and Johnson. They show our two rookies as they rattle a seasoned player Daunte. They show our team starting to gel. Today, even with the heart wreching loss, you have earned respect. Respect from other teams, even respect from other fans.

Yes... it was a loss. But we fought back against a #1 offense and matched them wound for wound. Our defense fought hard ALL day.

Good job every one of you. We will only get better, we will only be stronger, and we are looking like a team going to make a difference.
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