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And Wells is rewarded with being benched after his good game last week. I don't get it. Spread that ball around.
well IMO he did his job as a back up and did what the team needed him to do against the raiders. DD has earned his spot and it's going to take more than a few "bad" outings for it too be taken. i think it's good the coaches are sticking to their guy for now, but if DD doesn't start to show glimses of last year in the next couple games(3 to 4) i can understand a better distribution of the carries.

maybe it was the O-line not being able to move the D-line
i think this is at least as much of the problem as the play calling/DD's choice of "running style". i also agree with the idea that if aint broke, don't fix it. last year DD ran for 1000+yds w/out zone blocking, and although it sounds good and looked pretty good in the pre-season, something isnt working right now. maybe im optimistic and a little biased, but i do think DD has shown he can be a feature back, we just need some consitency on the o-line and a revised game plan.
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