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I wouldn't be so quick to complain about how much money Coleman makes or the luxury he lives in. It's not like he's the only well paid athlete out there. I've thought for a long time that they are all over paid and the price of a ticket is nutz. But so are concert tickets that can rake in hundreds of thousands in just one night. Does it make sense that the average new car now costs as much as a home did just 20 years ago ? Try gasoline at $1.90, that 30 years ago was 35 cents. Coleman got crossed up on the final play of the Titans game that would have given us out first win over them and would have made all the non-believers sit up and take notice. DWI is nothing to let slide but to complain about how much he makes when talking about a DWI makes no sense to me. People working for minimum wage get 'em too so I don't see a connection.
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