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I would be surprised, if this game is primary decided in the trenches. Texans Oline and the Dline of the Vikings have both something to show for. I would expect 2 sacks, but no game decisive plays by the Vikings Dline.

The Vikings are better known in general than the Texans, concerning the "damage" their respective offenses can do:

1) The Texans offense has to show consistency with Carr moving the ball, keeping thereby the defenders off the line, the saftey out of the box. 20 points is a must-be. And Brown will deliver, i'm sure.

2) The danger is always, where you don't expect it. Not Moss is the most dangerous player for the Vikings, because everyone is expecting a big game by Moss against a weak pass defense - In that kind of situation he often isn't delivering - it is Culpepper, whose play is more decisive. Don't let him run effectivly and still bring a four man rush. Culpepper isn't used to the 3-4, who is used very rarely in the NFC.

I expect good defense by the Texans and score in the mid twenties, close game.
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