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the only thing that you can do is win the games that are on your schedule and USC didn't. once you lose a game your fate to left to the votersand the formula, who is to say that USC was better than OU or vice versa.
LSU and Oklahoma didn't win all the games on their schedule either (LSU lost at home to Florida...OU lost to KSU in the Big12 championship game). I thought LSU deserved their share last year (mainly because I got tired of listening to USC homers on internet message boards talk about how they deserved it more). But all 3 teams went into the final week with one loss.

if they are so mad then don't accept a bid to a BCS bowl this year and prove a point. they agreed to this system and have to accept the results.
They threw a tantrum about not getting invited to the BCS title game. They accepted their alternative (Rose Bowl) because it was the best available option as well as the best way to prove they should've been in the BCS title game. Some would say this strategy paid off in a big way because the AP writers gave their share of the MNC to the Trojans.

But if anybody could point out another team that has turned down a BCS bowl invite when they weren't invited to the BCS Championship game I'd really like to see it.

also it was miami who shared the title with washington in 1991, not colorado.
You're bad. It was Colorado/Georgia Tech the year before Miami/Washington.
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