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Originally Posted by Huge
How did it not fail last year? You had three teams (Oklahoma, LSU and USC) that each had one loss. One of those teams (USC) ended up with half of the MNC and they didn't even play in the BCS game.
In my opinion there was one National Champion. LSU. The problem last year was merely that one team, USC, agreed to take the much bigger money each year generated from the BCS system and then undermined the system when the time finally came for them to show their support. USC signed on for a system where a vote of a bunch of media types was only part of the formula and then proclaimed they were entitled to a share of the National Championship because they won the vote of the media types. USC should have proclaimed loud and far that LSU had fairly won the National Championship and thanked the BCS for generating so much additional money for the member schools programs. They then could have offered recommendations as to how to improve the BCS system in the future with their honor intact.

I have no respect for someone who takes the money year after year (remember that USC took part of their conferences big pay day year after year) and then tries to undermine the system.

Shame on Coach Carroll
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