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I believe that the different styles of the three Texan runners allows the Coaches to develop different packages of plays for the game plan, for each of them. For example, I believe that Tony Hollings is the fastest to the sideline to get around the corner when he goes playside, although I think he's been doing better hitting the backside lanes. I believe that Domanick Davis is the quickest, particularly hitting backside cutback lanes. Jonathan Wells is the most stout.

How does this translate to play calling and play packages?

I believe that the Texans were running a lot more naked bootlegs with Carr when Davis was in the lineup than when Wells was in the lineup. For example, when the Texans run right with Davis and Carr boots left, it puts tremendous pressure on the backside DE and LBs. Davis is quick to cut back, so the backside people have to be ready to pursue and close those lanes. On the other hand, they have to be careful to keep contain on Carr, in case he keeps the ball.

I expect to see more bootlegs with Carr on Sunday with Davis in the lineup, even if it's on a part time basis.
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