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Cool Bcs

With this being “Showdown Saturday” and the BCS is about to come out, I thought we should start a little discussion about the rankings. I have been a fan of the BCS because it hasn’t screwed anyone out of the title yet, and by that I mean no undefeated team in a major conference has been left out of the title game. I think that that could change this year, I could see as many as three or four teams that could go unbeaten. I could be wrong, and probably will be but if you look at the schedules it could happen:

Big XII:
OU vs. TU is tomorrow and I think who ever wins should win out, they don’t play anyone else and the winner of the north shouldn’t have a chance to beat them in the title game.

This is the one conference that might not have an unbeaten. Most likely Auburn and Georgia will have to play each other twice and I don’t think that one of them can beat the other one twice, but I could be wrong, LSU last year.

I think they will have one unbeaten team, either Miami or Virginia, but they both tough games left. I don’t think any one will beat Miami just because their defense is so good, probably the best in the country, they do have a potential upset next Thursday against Louisville. If Virginia can get by FSU next weekend then that should set up a showdown with Miami Nov. 13.

I think, no I know, who ever wins tomorrow will go undefeated. No one is left on either one of their schedules and should breeze to a no loss season after Saturday. Who will win I have no idea, but will be rooting for Cal. If USC does win then I want to see if they really will F the BCS and not accept the bid to the Orange Bowl. I know this would never happen but then that means the shirt was just BS.

Big 10:
Purdue is the only one left and if Kyle Orten continues on his terror then I could not only see him winning the Heisman but leading the Boilermakers to an undefeated season. They still have to play UM, Wisconsin, and OSU but they are all at home so they are very winnable.

Big East:
Thankfully West Virginia lost so we don’t have to worry about them any more, now they can take their undeserved BCS automatic bid.

Now after I post this, all of them will lose it won’t matter. If this does happen then if you count their will be three teams or more with only two spots for the game in Miami, and it is the year the BCS fails and I will finally join all you that want to have a playoff, even though I don’t see it happening.

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