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Hey people,

Just got registered.

my thoughts so far after reading the posters:

1. I don't think the weather is going to be a problem nor is grass the issue. We won last year against green bay with over 33 points on grass. Moss has put up some of his biggest games on grass. Its a combination of alot of different things as to the poor road record and every year is different, plus our new turf (astroplay) is much more like grass than the older turf we use to have and we have won 2 games at home. Plus Detroit ended their road record...nothing is a given on any sunday.

Take for example the Eagles game on MNF. While the eagles have a very good defense. most of the vikings "difficulty" came due to OL Rosenthals broken foot and a rookie stepping in against Kearse and with Kliensasser out it, it forced Pepp to run more then he usually has to and couldnt set up the passing game we had planned. Plus our coaching staff didnt adjust with more roll outs or putting pepp 10 yards deep in the shot gun to gain time. Moss and Burleson were open alot, but pepp was "running" for his life.

2. Our defense isnt the best but I wouldnt go by stats as alot of teams pass to catch up on us (witness "vinney" and yet he only scored 17 points. Look at the eagles defense stats and ranking...they have the same problem we do.."garbage yards"...but there are problems and we need to improve, but not has bad as people make out. What most people on message boards do is match "stats" vs "stats which are indicators but thats about it.

3. While I understand people thinking Moss is a thug, cancer etc. you really have to watch him every game as he doesnt speak to the media. Alot of that is past reputation. Is he a model citizen?, but he isnt a disruption on the team as most people think. Most of his problems were off field. I wouldnt call what he does as "whining" he wants the ball and voices it, plus I think hes right alot of the time, he wants C-pepp to throw it up and he will come down with it, Culpepper sometimes does what the defense gives him, whereas Moss wants to attack and make them adjust not us. Moss thinks he can out jump other DBs. Culpepper likes him and isnt bothered by it though. Besides Moss isnt the dominate force this year...its Culpepper. we average over 420 yards a game on offense this year and very little of that has went to Moss.

Other misconceptions...hit him hard and he quits...not true, witness the dallas game, only made him play better. Moss doesnt catch routes in the center of the field..again not true, about 1/4 of his catches during the game will be over the middle. I have watched him for 6 years now...havnt seen the infamous "taking plays off" if he cant tell.

I dont think he is going to overwhelm your team, Culpepper is the key, not Moss.
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