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Originally Posted by Bill's/TexanFan
Allow me to remove all questions on whether or not D. Rob can cover Randy Moss. In a word....."NO". I really like D. Rob but simply put....there is no way in hell any DB can cover Moss alone. This reminds me of something which happened with my other team....the 0-3 Buffalo Bill's. Former Green Bay Packer and Buffalo Bill's Hall of Fame WR James Loften had just beaten a young DB on a long TD. As the DB jumped and cussed in the end zone after being burned the smooth Loften turned to him and said....."Relax kid, I've beaten a lot better DB's than you'll ever be!" Hopefully Mr. Moss won't be repeating those words to D. Rob!
I think Dunte will be super cool after the ego boost of last game. He seems to learn from mistakes and he just might pick a cherry off the Moss tree. If so, that might be enough to turn game especially if everyone else does their job. I am picking a Texans "upset".
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