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Originally Posted by Longhorn Jimmy
what the heck does this have to do with who will win the game on sunday? absolutely nothing.
I agree. This has absolutely nothing to do with who will win the game Sunday.

Originally Posted by Longhorn Jimmy
no offense ... when in essence coaching, gameplanning, and player development are what really matter...
I completely agree with what I believe is your point. I think that who we draft is only part of the story. Equally important is how well we develop them. In this regard, I feel our organization has done an excellent job (although I'm not offering any additional info to substantiate this). I would argue that the Texans had it relatively easy in regards to player development, because they were an expansion team and it was easier to give drafted players the opportunity to develop. For example, it was easier to start Carr in '02 than it is to start Manning in '04, when the Giants aren't sure how many games they can win with Warner.

I also want to thank other posters for their kind words and support.
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