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Originally Posted by Porky
As to DD, is it just me, or does anyone else notice the irony of winnning 2 games in a row, with DD on the bench? Look at the way the offense has opened up in these games. Look how Billy Miller has been brought back from the witness protection program. Look how Carr is exploiting the seam against the cover two all the sudden. It seems to me that DD was the equilvent of Linus's security blanket. Since he has been out, Carr has been forced to survey the field, and not rely so quickly on the checkdown to the RB. It wouldn't bother me at all if DD was out another week or two. I hope this will also be a lesson for when DD gets back.
You know, I really think there is something to that. There were no fumbles, which really cost us in our 1st 2 games. Second, the playcalling has improved IMO. Like you said, without Carr being able to give it to DD on easy dunk passes, he was able to survey to people who you are actually supposed to pass to: Recievers and Tight Ends!!! We have a great core of recievers and tight ends, we might as well use them, right?

I also maintain the stance that if DD fumbles, BENCH HIM. He is great, but I don't think he is a guy who can be the difference between winning and losing. Wells and Holling (unfortunately both are fumblers too) are reliable backs as well. You have got to teach this guy not to fumble and there is no better way to drive that point than to keep him off the field. I really like DD and there is no question that DD is our starting RB, but he should not be accounting for over 45% of our offense. Especially when you have a set of tight ends and recievers that are at least top 15 in the league.
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