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wow, i wouldn't add another post to this dead thread......expcept i stumbled across another account (from Aaron Francl, the assistant sports editor of The Oklahoma Daily) of a dislike for texas that sounds eerily similair to the reasons i previously posted. here are some excerpts...

"The Sooners' hatred for the Longhorns is spawned by the overblown arrogance that emanates from Austin....."

"The cheif difference between Oklahoma and Texas is that when it comes to bragging, the Sooners can just let the facts speak for themselves....The Longhorns, on the other hand, seem to do nothing but talk and don't do much to back it up."

"Every off-season the Sooners endure the talk that "this is Texas's year" with the hoopla surrounding the school's latest and greatest recruiting triumph. But when the season starts and it's time to let the play on the field speak for itself, the Longhorns seem to repeat the same song and verse. They have lost four straight games to Oklahoma, by a combined score of 177-54. Not much of a contest."

i know you can't prove opinoin's, and im not saying this makes me right (i was right WAY before i read the article :hehe: ). i just thought it was way to coincidental that the reason's i don't like texas where written in an article i read later in the same week! on another note, let's hope the aggs keep taking the season one game at a time and win one on the road to continue the streak!
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