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Your dislike of Tech has nothing to do with the fact that you haven't beaten them in Lubbock in well over a decade?....
to be honest i only started seriously following aggie football for the last 2-3 years. before that i was in highschool and didn't get the buzz around college football so i mainly followed the pros (tampa pre-gruden, then the g-men, and finally houston got football!). so you claiming to know why i think tech/t.u. are arrogant is a little misfounded. watching the a&m band get run over by cocky texas players didn't really strike me as a humble, respectful act. although i finally can empathize with mike leech's coaching style, i think that the best football teams are one's that can adapt, negating the drive to always try and put 70 on whoever your playing, making tech under leech a cruxed program. tech's only defining moment, if that, was the upset over texas. and this was only a conference game where no trophies were awarded, no titles to be given out. so they put up 70 in the second half to beat tcu, so t.u. routes baylor every year...what big games have either of these teams showed up too that meant more than stats and a 'W' against a less talented team? neither against OU, neither for a claim at the big 12 championship. so what are they cocky about? beating an a&m program, that although down in the last couple years, still handled itself with diginty and respect? OU showed more respect for a&m in the 77-0 (i think) trouncing last year than texas ever has during the recent mismatch in talent. although it's obvious what programs like OU, miami, ohio st, florida st, etc have to be at least proud, if not cocky, about. when comparing tech/t.u. alongside these teams however, the logic gets a little comes down to either team is not my kind of team, or a team i would feel totally "good" about rooting for. not denying any of the talent there, just not a fan of their "aura's" if you will. and to paraphrase a modern day genius *cough*FLAVA FLAV*cough* i simply "don't believe the hype/don't/don't/don't belive the hype.." :woot ....
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