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I'm too superstitious to make any score predictions, but this is the way I see it:

Culpepper has the highest QB rating in the NFL. Minnesota has the highest yards per play and per game at 7.0 and 422. They've played Dallas and Chicago who have pretty poor defenses, but we have the worst 3rd down defense in the entire league.

It also seems to me that our defensive backs have been playing a lot of soft zone and not very aggressive man to man. The opposing receivers are wide open a large percentage of the time. To me, Glenn looks like he might have lost a step or maybe his groin is still bothering him. Last week Collins had a horrible time and threw a bad pass whenever we had any sort or pressure or blitz on him. Culpepper might not scare so easily.

The one bright spot to this game may be the poor defense of the Vikes. Not too many sacks and they give up a lot through the air. Run defense is better than average. Sounds good for the Texans, but then again the Vikings and Lions have essentially identical defensive stats and we know how that game turned out.

This weekend could be a shootout as both of our weaknesses are on defense. The Vikings can out gun our D. They are polished and hitting on all cylinders. We need our D to build on the momentum they got last week because the teams are going to keep getting tougher. They have to get to Culpepper. Hopefully we'll blitz at least once a series. Carr & Co. will need a flawless game in order to win. Two turnovers and we lose the game. This could be a good show to watch!
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