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Originally Posted by HJam72
Yeah, I guess 95 was too much to ask for, but 85 or 90 would have been nice. Humid is a given, lol.

Only words I fear to hear on Sunday will be 'Culpepper to Moss'. Sadly for us, most teams hear that all to often. I think if we hear that more then 10 times on Sunday, it will spell a loss for the Texans... Culpepper has this annoying habit of being down in the 4th.. and able to pull out wins.

On our side... If Culpepper has more then 3 turnovers... I think it will go down as a win for the Texans. When Culpepper starts intercepting/fumbling, he seems to lose his balance on the game.

We got home field, crowd advantage... but you have a duo who have to be shut down or its not going to be a good day for us... I am just glad robinson has two picks last game from a decent quarterback, to throw a bit of indecision into the mix.

No matter what... looks to be a good game.

P.S. If the texans win this game... look for a huge amount of respect to be laid at the texans feet for it. If they lose it, they still wont be talked amount to much. Sink or Swim Game (concerning the 'respect' of the texans).
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