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Default Hello Everybody!

I just joined and decided to say hi, i dont come hear to be a hater but to learn more about our upcoming openents i do it just about every week. It helps to know whats goin down, whos injured and whos not.

Just to give you the scoop on the Vikes:

Niether Onterrio Smith and Michael Bennett will be playing this game and moe williams is hurt and may see limited action. Mewelde more who was drafted in the 4th round from tulane will see much of the time. (I praised his play during preseason he looked fantastic i hope he plays well against you guys) We are very deep at RB but very injured. Both our TE's will be out we lost Jimmy Kliensasser for the season witch really reallys hurts bad and we wont have Wiggins either. One of our sarting Tackles is out for the season, and a rookie who hastn't played RT since high school will start for him. Our starting Center is banged up but will play. Thats the bad news for the vikes.
The good news is we have moss and pepp so watch out, oh and just remeber this name KELLY CAMBELL, hes explosive. As far as the sack thing i'm not conserned, hell it could be 3rd and 20 we will still get it. Our oline is one of the best in the NFL they are massive and run people over, we will run the ball with mewelde, hes not a pushover. We have 4 dangerous WR's so your secondary better have there A game.

On Defense we are banged up at LB, We wont have EJ Henderson and possible will be without Claiborne. We will have a rookie in at MLB, and a backup at weak side. In my opinion we have one of the best secondary's in the NFL. Winfield, Brian Williams, Chavous and Russell. The key is our D Line getting pressure (i'm waiting for a break out game).

Some more good news for you guys, We dont always play well on the road.

By the way who are your safties?
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