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Originally Posted by Porky
That was a horrible audible ...
I believe Capers said in his radio show that Carr had a package of plays and when he saw that it was only a 3 man rush, with 8 back (I think we all heard before the game that the Raiders either rushed 8 (all out blitz) or dropped 8), he was to audible to a run. Capers went on to say that the Raiders had 7 defenders lined across the goalline.

Originally Posted by Porky
Two other nits I can pick is why Capers did not challange the spot with the Carr scramble. It was a bad spot ...
Capers agreed with you on his radio show. He said that on the tape, the spot was clearly wrong and it was too bad they didn't challenge it. He said he is reluctant to use a challenge (potential to lose time out and right to challenge future, potentially more important plays) unless the 'guys upstairs' saw the problem on a replay. He said they didn't say anything about it (perhaps they didn't replay it in time, I don't recall)
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