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Originally Posted by jr0ck
speaking on the big 12 as a whole, i feel like <Texas Tech> and <THE University of Texas> are arrogant teams that have nothing to be really arrogant about other than "potential".
Your dislike of Tech has nothing to do with the fact that you haven't beaten them in Lubbock in well over a decade? How about the fact they have beaten the once proud Aggies 7 of the last 10 times, including a thrashing last season in which the officials are still trying to add up Tech's score? I think they have earned the right to be "arrogant" when they play you.

Texas has beaten A&M for years, with the lone loss being the Charity Bowl (the game after the Bonfire), in which the refs made about 3-4 of the worst calls I have ever seen.

Start beating both of these rivals and they won't be so "arrogant". Otherwise, get used to it.

It is no different than the way OU looks at Texas right now. We have to win or we will be their princesses for another year. Just as the Ags have been for Tech and Texas.
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