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lol, i guess im the only one who wants to see the trend continue. i hope OU wipes the floor with texas and here are a few of my reasons:
1. texas has had so much talent go through its doors under mack brown and have done squat with it. not even one big 12 championship with a team that has been consistently ranked in the top 10 over the last couple years (until they drown in the red river).

2. don't mind watching OU dominate, i feel privelaged as a sports fan to watch college football played at its apex (well, closer than any other team at least)

3. can't blame stoops for getting all the powerhouse texas recruits, you can blame the players for choosing OU though. well can't really blame them either :hehe:

4. i love texas and the parts i call home (houston, college station, and at one time san marcos/austin) but i don't feel loyalty to any other team in the state other than the ones i root for ie. texans, rockets, aggies, astros. im happy to see other texan teams loose because it only elevates the teams im a fan of.

5. and on a personal note, i loved major appelwhite and when he got benched for the TOOL chris simms and his "potnetial" it gave me an idea of where texas' attitude under mac brown is. and last year, when the horns tried to warm up on kyle field before the band was done, blatant disrespect. speaking on the big 12 as a whole, i feel like tech and t.u. (hehe...) are arrogant teams that have nothing to be really arrogant about other than "potential". OU under bob stoops is a much more respectable program. that being said i hope peterson, clayton, and even white throw the horns down this weekend (pretend they're upside down)...
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