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Default 3rd and Goal

They run for the 3rd time...the same play! Why settle for 3? Why run the same play 3 times? Bad coaching IMO. I hope that doesn't come back and bite us later in the season. We lucked out with those Dunta picks and that fumble returned back for a TD by Sharper.

I'm so happy we won and the Texans played passionately from my point of view but that redzone situation, running the same play 3 times with Sapp and Washington in there, just wasn't a good call. Why settle for 3? With that field goal we had just got the 3 point lead. Oakland came marching right back but of course got INTd by #23. But what if they score?? Oakland would have still had a chance.

What if they had score on that 3rd and goal running the same play....okay, fine but they didn't and Oakland was still in the game at that point. Run a play action reverse and hit Billy Miller for Christ's sake...not the same play 3 times in a row to only settle for 3 when you're tied in the 3rd QTR. Just a vent...and my

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