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Factors for winning.

1)DD starts and has NO TURNOVERS. If he is getting first downs, then the Vikes offense is on the bench.
2)Defense Doubles Moss all day. Give up yards to the other guys. This will get Moss out of his game. They would score early, but in the 4th quarter Moss will be tired of the double teams, and Daunte Culpepper will force the ball anyway. If he is doubled when Daunte forces the ball we have a better chance of a pick.
3) Crowd noise is most important this week.

I think the rest will take care of itself. If the Texans win this one the media can't ignore them. The upsetting part will be that they will talk about the things Minnesota didn't do instead of the things the Texans did do.

Texans= 27
Vikes= 24
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