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It looked like to me that Wiegert was right there when they gave away the game ball to whoever it was. He was cheering them on. I think we are going to find Wiegert is becoming a bigger and bigger factor as long as he stays healthy. I really think he is the O-line leader. One man can make a big difference, just ask the Titans. Its amazing to see us not on the bottom of our conference. I still think we might be an even stronger O-line if you replace McKinney with Washington. Not as much fire, but a very much bigger body to go through. I think the O-line will be the key to the game against Minnisota. We have to score early and often to put pressure on Culpepper to score. He will be more mistake prone if he has to have the score. Of course the same is true of us. David and company look a lot more comfortible with a lead, although David has shown he can come from behind in the last two games.
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