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I think we might be over reacting a bit to the Moss threat. He is clearly the most dangerous single downfield threat in the NFL...but he is only one guy.

The Eagles held Moss to 8 catches, 69yrds, and 1 TD in a losing effort. I actually think our secondary is at LEAST equal to the Eagles, particularly our corners. Everyone knows Moss will get his touches but the if we can sustain some of the pass rush that we showed against Oakland that will go a long way to helping us. The other end of this is that the Vikes O-line is somewhate erratic...some games they are very solid and sometimes they are horrible. If we can maintain some pressure on Culpepper and contain his ability to make plays with his feet we will be in good shape.

Oh by the way...the Vikes defense definetly has the potential to get lit up by Carr & Co, so things aren't as bleak as some folks believe. Not saying that we're not going to have to play a solid game in all phases and work for some positive turnovers to win, it's just not as doom and gloom as I've seen some posts indicating.
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