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Default Playcalling at the Line

I have seen several threads even after the last two wins that complain a great deal about the playcalling of the Texans. I watched the Capers post-game interview on the website and coach had something pretty intresting to say about that...

"...almost all of the game was called at the line of scrimmage. David would make the calls based on what the defense was showing him"

I am willing to bet that this is probably not the 1st time we've tried this...I am willing to give Palmer kudos for his teaching Carr how to read the defense and select the appropriate option. Palmer has good schemes and is teaching the offense to put themselves in positions to be sucessful. I hadn't considered that some of the playcalling issues might be part of Carr's learning curve when he was checking down to runs in what we might think are obvious pass situations. As for the 3 runs on the goaline...the way our line was playing up to that point I probably would have called 3 runs as well. I have never been a big Palmer guy but I don't doubt we can be sucessful with him as the Offensive Coordinator.
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