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Originally Posted by Grid
1. Wells was running well but was RARELY going for more than about 4 yards. His numbers can be attributed to a few good runs, and a slew of average ones.

2. I beleive we were running better to the OTHER side of the line.. if nothing else.. we could have at LEAST tried running to the other side.

3. If you are going to run it 3 times in a row.. how about giving hollings a shot?

I just dont get it. Honestly, run it once.. fine.. audible into a run the second time.. ok fine.. but a 3rd time? to the same side? after gaining NOTHING the first two times? with a runner that was hardly breaking away for more than 4 yards all night?

You can make excuses all you want but it was a brain fart. if it had cost us the game yall wouldnt feel so forgiving about it.
Originally Posted by Grid
My point wasnt that wells did a bad job. I was impressed by wells and he really stepped up when we needed him to.

What I was saying is that we were about 10 yards from the goal line and Wells was RARELY running for more than 4 yards.. thats your clue to STOP GIVING HIM THE DAMN BALL AND PASS IT.

thats all i was saying.
1)Wells played, well, well. He didn't have any "big" runs but avg. about four yards per carry. 3x4=12
2)Okay, so why did Carr chose that side when he audibled? You know better than the quarterback AND the offensive coordinator which side of our line is on the high?
3)Wells was running fine, not to mention putting in Hollings would telegraph that it was a run because he's the worse pass blocker (as should be expected) on the Texans backfield roster.

Brainfart ?? Who Palmer or Carr? Carr checked to a run at least once in the series and had the authority to change that third play into a pass, assuming it wasn't originally a pass. My opinion, no excuse needed by either.

The line was playing well. Wells made about four yards everytime he carried the ball. That means the odds are with you calling three running plays. 4x3=12

You know, hindsight is 20-20. Sunday-afternoon coaches (quarterbacks) are usually even MORE knee-jerk than than their Monday morning cousins.
They won and the guys can't get kudos.
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