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enthusiasm is always a good thing but.....

how he just out-ran Sapp on a scramble
i think carson palmer and even the pocket friendly leftwich stand a pretty good chance at beating an aging sapp around a corner. that being said, david sure did look good gaining his 35 or so yds on the ground, and showed his growing poise by sliding in bounds to keep that clock running in the 4th. with his mobility and the attitude of getting what he can get every play, it seems we have yet another dimesion to our pretty stout offensive potential.

Better than Manning, Favre, McNair, McNabb,
even in terms of ability i think mcnair and mcnabb have the edge on carr. you can argue about potential till the sun goes out but mcnair and mcnabb are already proven better qb's than what carr has shown. i really am not trying to bash anyone or take away from our hometown badass (carr), it just seems like the adrenaline is still flowing from our the haircut win (and borderline beatdown) against the raaaaiiderr's. looking forward, lets hope for the big upset against the vikes and carr continuing to reach his all pro potential
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