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Default Carr is THE BEST QB in the league!!! terms of pure abilities at least. Now I know "pure abilities" is no where near how you are supposed to judge a QB, but damn this guy has it all! I was really impressed with his speed and how he just out-ran Sapp on a scramble. I know he is mobile, but this guy can flat-out run! Plus, I've seen him make pretty much every throw in the book with his cannon arm. The throw across the field for the AJ TD was spot on! Seriously, who else has more talent than Carr at the QB position? When you think purely of what a QB can do, I think Carr is the best. Better than Manning, Favre, McNair, McNabb, or even other prospects like Palmer and Leftwich. I mean, there is physically nothing that he can't do that is demanded at the QB position.

Now I'm not saying he's the best QB in the league. He's likely not even top 10 right now. But in terms of what this guy can do, I really think he's the best in the league. You could make an argument for 2nd only to Vick. Still, I prefer QBs with a pass 1st mentality. It's usually more consistent.
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