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I was reading the locker room comments by Wiegert and I'm beginning to think, as I have posted at other times, he is the O-line leader. He seems to be the difference in our O-line. He's been out a lot with injuries and illness, but he seems healthy now. He sort of implied that the O-line boys are looking for Mr. Carr. Seems they would like to shave something. Anyway, I think he is the difference and one of the reasons the O-line looked different this week. Last year when we were running DD effectively, I think you will find that Mr. Wiegert was a big factor on more than a number of occasions.

I also said that the KC game might be a turning point for this ball club. It certainly is beginning to have that look. The whole TEAM improved so much this week its not even funny. They are really coming together all at once. Hopefully, we can continue to improve each week. We have opened up our offense, probably not as much as I would like, but we are beginning to be scary for the other team. We are still very conservative at times and it looks like its Capers whose doing it. He needs to trust his offense and his receivers. AJ simply had a fantastic day and looks like he's going to be a young man to reckon with, but so are all of our receivers.

Wells adds another dimension to this club. We now have three very different kinds of running backs to throw at the other team. I hope DD gets healthy and returns to form. I don't want to over emphasize the run, but I want it to be very effective when the other team is pass defense happy. If we continue to improve we are going to become an offensive nightmare for the other teams to defend. We may not have a lot of big names, yet, but our nonames are beginning to rumble like Mt St. Helens.

Once again, it was a GREAT TEAM EFFORT............................

PS. Even JJ was trying to run through people.
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