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My turn....

(7-9) 2006: The Texans take a giant step forward, but with the new systems that are established they still dont have a winning season under thier belts...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, Drob, DD(reserve)

(10-6) 2007: The Texans are now a dominant force in the AFC South with the Colts...Houston snags the Wild Card game, but falls short...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, Drob, Mario, DeMeco(reserve)

(11-5) 2008: In Carrs last year under contract, the Texans make it all the way to the AFC Championship to loose against the Steelers, Carr accepts a 5 year contract extension...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, DC, DD, Drob, DeMeco

(10-6) 2009: The Texans are plagued with injuries to key players but manage to make the Wild Card, but lose to none other than the Denver Broncos...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, Drob, DeMeco (Superbowl: Colts v.s. Giants)

(12-4) 2010: After the Texans have one of thier most successful drafts and getting thier key players back from injury, the Texans finally reach the Superbowl and are considered to be an elite team in the NFL. The Texans beat the Arizona Cardinals in the Superbowl...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, DC, Mario, Drob, DeMeco, Mathis, Winston, Pitts

(11-5) 2011: With a Superbowl victory under thier belts the Texans are the team to beat in the AFC...Houston makes it to th ACF Championship, but falls short because Kris Brown shanked a 48 field goal...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, DC, DD, Mario, Drob, DeMeco, Winston

(13-3) 2012: The Texans sweep all of thier rivals in the AFC South and go on to the AFC Champioship game...with David Carr having a MVP year, the Texans beat the Steelers in overtime. The Superbowl is between the Saints and the Texans...The Texans stop Bush and win thier second Superbowl in 3 years...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, Drob, DeMeco, Winston, Hodgdon

(9-7) 2013: The Texans fall short of the Wild Card...Houston was plagued with injuries and couldnt seem to stay on thier feet...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, Drob, DeMeco

(11-5) 2014: After the texans bounce back from their worst season in 6 years, the Texans get a bye week but lose to the New York Jets...Pro-Bowlers: AJ, DC, Mario, Drob, DeMeco

(7-9) 2015: The Texans lose many key players in Free Agency and for Cap reasons and suffer thier first losing season in 8 years...Kubiak resigns as head coach and hire ME as General Manager and the New Era for the Texans begin.
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