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Originally Posted by Wolf
you may be right. I have hit something and the airbags didn't go off. I am not sure how that works.

the thing about the hitting a tree. he could have .06 and he could still get charged with DWI. I guess it depends on what kind of attorney he has and how they play it.
What witnesses saw him hit the object? The law enforement agency only showed up after a while.

My brother was pulled over for speeding. He had a couple drinks, but he was still charged with a DUI. My brother passed the roadside test and blew under the limit. It cost him thousands when he was innocent. They ended up charging him with reckless, because they could NOT prove the DUI.

I think that better judgement can be used in certain cases. There are obvious drunk people driving, and then there is the person who had two drinks at dinner.
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