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Originally Posted by texansfan88
the only reports i think your getting are inside your head. any proof/links?
Here something I find very funny with posters like yourself on this board. Now the person who started this thread posted what he said he heard. Whether true or not I do not know. But you come on and right away "accuse" the guy of lying! Asking for a link or proof is saying you don't believe the person. My question is why do that? I read a ton of stuff on this board, some I believe and some I don't.....I read it, form an opinion and move on. I'm not about to call someone a liar. Think about something. What advantage does it give to either side to say the Raider RT of fearful of two of our outside LB's? He may have read or heard Gallery in an interview say something as simple as....."Peeks and Babin really are putting the heat on the passer from the outside....I have my work cut out for me." To some people they may think he was showing others he may just be showing respect for what he's seen on tape. Certainly no reason for calling a guy a liar! Is reading it yourself the only way of believing something? Try this in the future. If you read something you don't believe....move on or better yet, look for the link yourself if you are that interested.
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