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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
Actually, the Raiders are probably going to beat us. In my opinion they probably "should" beat us. I think they're overall probably a better team with a little more consistency than the Texans have, better talent at some postions, and just generally they're more established in what they're doing. That doesn't mean they will beat the Texans though. The Texans CAN win this game. The only question left is will they step it up and rise to 2-2.

And I don't think that there's any way in the world that the Texans should be 3-0 right now. The intensity that they showed in the 4th quarter of the K.C. game was a direct result of the way the season began (0-2). If the Texans had walked into Arrowhead with a 2-0 record to play against an 0-2 Chiefs team with it's back against the wall I believe that the Chiefs would have won that game. The Texans had their back against the wall in that game.
I agree with Hervoyel as far as the Raiders game. I think the Raiders are a team that probably should beat the Texans at this point, they have alot of talent and I think Kerry Collins will do very well with their passing attack. Their defense is solid and they have the ability to do alot of things with their offense. However, it's a home game for the Texans and if they could just put up a consistent game and play to their optimum level for 4 quarters, we could take the win.

Also, I think we probably lost the two games we should have won, and won the game we should have lost so far. Kind of strange, but could haves and should haves don't count for anything in this league.
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