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Ah my friend. Now you see that is what I am talking about. You presented facts, you gave me links to sites to prove your point, and hell ya even downgraded my intelligence a few times. My hat goes off to you for that last post, however you knew I wasn't going to just sit back and get the last word. So here we go.

First of all I would like to know exactly how I am an outsider? I was born and raised in Texas, have several great friends that go to the University of Texas. I have been to the Red River Shootout on the Texas side. So as far as an outsider, I dont what you are talking about. I go to Louisiana State but you havent heard me throw their name in the hat. I would also like to know where you got.

"As an LSU fan it's not surprising you weren't impressed. What interest would you have in it? I'm pretty sure if I went to the World's Largest Cocktail Party I wouldn't think much of it either." Why exactly do i care about the worlds largest OUTDOOR coctail party? Do you know who plays in that. Ill give ya a hint, it's not LSU.

Here is another point. This whole argument started between us because you agreed with theOGRE who said that the UT vs. OU game is one of the top 3 rivalries in the nation. My question for you is this, how can this be one of the top three rivalries in the nation when it isnt even the best rivalry for that team. I was looking up some facts to throw at you on the internet, such as opinions Americas view of the greatest rivalries in college football, and you know what consitently came up? UT vs. A&M. Over and Over again. you know what I didnt see. Not even one time. OU vs Texas. Here is a quote since you are so fond of them.

Quote: "I haven't seen anything overshadow it. Both schools have tremendous numbers of alumni within the state who get very excited about this game. The loser has to take a beating all year." --Former Texas coach Darrell Royal.
and here is the link for it.

Here is one of the top 10's I found
Here is another link for rivalries. Hey I see so well, would you tell me what #6 is?
Here is one that I stumbeled across by accident

Let me give you some quotes from that:
Most college football observers--people who have been around the sport for much, if not most, of the 20th century--would probably say that the 1971 Thanksgiving Day classic, won 35-31 by Nebraska in Norman in a battle of #1 versus #2, ranks as the greatest college football game ever played. For nearly two decades after that game, the two teams almost always met with the Big Eight's Orange Bowl bid and a shot at the national title on the line. Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer were sideline fixtures in big games, the same way Bobby Bowden and Steve Spurrier are today.

And maybe just one more:
Nebraska-Oklahoma was always the game where larger than life linemen smacked each other in the mouth in the wide-open farm country where men become men long before they trot onto a football field. If the late, great voice of NFL Films, John Facenda, had ever chosen to narrate scenes from one of college football's great rivalries, chances are that he would have chosen Ohio State-Michigan... or Nebraska-Oklahoma.
So anyway off the topic of Nu vs. OU I would like to adress something else you said. I believe it went something like

"best receivers in USC history"

"Have you any idea of how dumb that sounds? Well, lessee...there's Keyshawn and then there's Mike Williams. That's two."

Well here is another link to show you "how dumb I sound saying that"
This is a link to the top 20 schools that produced the best wide recievers since 1970
I believe you will see that USC ranks number 4 on that list ahead of Ut or OU or about 110 other teams. Please do check that out so you can see some of the other "no names" they have produced. No Names like Lynn Swann and Keary Colbert.
Oh also GREAT Herbstreit quote. I really value his opinion especially since he said WISCONSIN had the greatest student section in all of college football.
That guy will kiss the *** of absolutely any school he goes to.
And lets think about this for a second. Switzer is being interviewed by a reporter about the game between OU and UT. Ya I defiantely see him saying, you know what that one is good but let me tell you about the one I had against Nebraska. Of course he is going to say how great that game is. And you are right the Notre Dame rivalry with USC is a great one because of the history of the two programs. But that in itself makes that game great.

Well I am ending with this:
I realise how big the game is to Texas fans because A&M hasnt given them a good game since the bondfire fell so they say OU is their biggest game of the year, and right now it is, but I GUARENTEE you if A&M repeatedly beat UT year in and year out the way UT has for the past decade, the biggest rivalry for UT would be A&M. You know why? Because that game has character. It is the game that decides who is the best team in Texas. I am tired of hearing UT fans say how they dont care about the game in college station but the one they are really worried about is at the Cotton Bowl. In college football every team no matter how good they are hits dry spells. The times will change in the years to come and you will see that A&M gets all of the recruits and UT is left 2nd in Texas. Just like it was in the 80's. When that happens we will see how big the UT OU game is. I am going to pack now because I am leaving in 6 hours to go watch our biggest rival in Athens but i will go ahead and say my top 3 greatest rivals of all time in college football, and believe it or not, OU vs. UT didn't make it. The list goes.
1) Michigan vs. Ohio State
2) Army vs. Navy
3) Harvard vs. Yale
Honerable mention.
Florida State vs. Miami
Georgia vs. Florida <-------(The worlds Largest Outdoor Coctail Party)
Nebraska vs. Oklahoma
Alabama vs. Auburn
UT vs. A&M

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