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Ha i love when people put words in my mouth. I didnt say that the rivalry has been decided in the last four or five years, i said that the hatred has become equally popular between these two teams in the past four or five years, and you cant argue with that, you know why? Because until the late 90's do you think that OU was pointing out the UT game on their schedule as the game of the year? No of course they wern't. Their major game year in and year out until recently has been Nebraska. It is ridiculous to say other wise becuase especially in the 90's NU was the team of the decade.
See the quote in bold? Tell me if this quote looks familiar...

You are actually going to throw UT vs. OU as one of the greatest rivalries? That is ridiculous. Look im from Texas, and I am not claiming any of LSU's games as the greatest of rivalries but you shouldnt claim UT OU as one of the top three either. I've been to the red river shootout before and it isnt that impressive. It might be UT's biggest rival cause they get beaten every year, but if you want to go back in history OU's biggest football rival is Nebraska. I will give you the other two even though both Auburn and Alabama are sh** holes, but no way is UT OU up there. Heck your Army vs Navy rivalry in honerable mention is a bigger rival. You cant live in the last 5 years to determine a football rivalry.
It should look said it. Or were you just pointing out to us the fans how long it's mattered to us? Because you being the outsider would know much more about our feelings than we would...right?

While you're at it...

Get educated on Texas/OU from an OU standpoint...

Is it just a "Texas thing" and I'm out of my mind? Ask an outside opinion...

Need a quote from that article? Here ya go...

"No game carries with it the atmosphere, the excitement, the energy level that the Oklahoma-Texas game does," - Barry Switzer. know...head coach of the Sooners during the years you claim they were busy grabassing with Nebraska around the Big8.

Some other quotes...

"Walking down the tunnel and standing next to the guys you're about to face on the field is awesome. Then you hear the (guns) shooting and you hear the crowd " half is screaming for OU and the other half is booing. It gives you a rush." - Josh Norman, Former Sooner and current San Diego Charger

"One thing that intensifies the rivalry is that we have a lot of guys from Texas who play for the University of Oklahoma. The hype and the hoopla of the game make it very exciting. It is a very important game from the fan's standpoint, for personal pride and for the players, especially the players from the state of Texas. It is a state rivalry and I think it gets everybody involved."
- Jackie Shipp, Former Sooner and current OU assistant coach

"I had no clue what to expect. But that was one of the top games I've ever been to, as far as atmosphere. The setting makes it special. It adds a festival atmosphere to the game. Once you're in the stadium, it's so cool to look up and see things half and half, in terms of the fans." - Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN

"Right now, I think it's the best thing going in college football." - Chris Fowler, ESPN

Eh, what the hell do they know? I'm sure you could enlighten them with your infinite wisdom of this subject.

This must be what it was like for Helen Keller's teacher the first couple of weeks. Seriously, man...I can't dumb it down any further for you.

And here is another dumb comment:

What are we talking about here? are we talking about Montana and ND or are we talking about Montana at San Fran? We are talking about college football so as far as college football is concerned yes he absolutely deserves to be mentioned with those names. He was if not the best, one of the best recievers in USC history. What he does in his pro career has no barring in this conversation.
"best receivers in USC history"

Have you any idea of how dumb that sounds? Well, lessee...there's Keyshawn and then there's Mike Williams. That's two.

You're the historian...what is the nickname that was given to USC many years ago? I'll give you a's not "WRU".

And how exactly can you "chuckle" at Notre Dame USC being a great rivalry game? That game has 10 times the history that UT vs. OU does. Here is a fact i bet you didn't know. Nike became what it is today because of the USC Notre Dame rivalry. The first Nike shoe was worn and promoted at this game.
Yes, I'm sure Phil Knight is up in Oregon thanking the heavens for the USC/ND rivalry. You can't be this brain dead.

And FWIW, I wasn't chuckling at the USC/ND rivalry. I was laughing at the names you provided (Keyshawn being one of them). Being the great historian that you are, I would've expected much more with such a laundry list of names to choose from.

I do recognize USC/ND as a great rivalry. But is it just the individual greatness of each school that makes it a great rivalry? Because seriously, other than each school having great histories, what makes their rivalry unique?

If ya come at me with some facts then I will listen to your arguement but if ya come at me again with " But I had to chuckle when you said USC/ND" or "Keyshawn Johnson!? Are you effin' kidding me!? " then im just gonna blast ya again.
Blast me again? I'm still waiting for the first shot.

The article above says Texas/OU ranks at the top of the rivalry chart. I disagree with that because I don't believe Texas/OU is the best rivalry in the nation (I'm in the military so I go with the Army/Navy game...'course, Nike shoes never really mattered to those guys). If it's in the top 3 is a simple matter of an opinion.

But I've presented you with the facts on what makes the Texas/OU rivalry unique (and one of the best in the nation and certainly bigger than OU/Nebraska). You were able to come up with Army/Navy and I commend you for that (and like I said, I consider Army/Navy to be the better rivalry as well). You can continue to ignore these if you want, but they won't change.
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