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First you claim that I don't know the history of college football then you go on to say that the Texas/OU rivalry has been decided in the last 4 or 5 years. should've stopped after that.

Ha i love when people put words in my mouth. I didnt say that the rivalry has been decided in the last four or five years, i said that the hatred has become equally popular between these two teams in the past four or five years, and you cant argue with that, you know why? Because until the late 90's do you think that OU was pointing out the UT game on their schedule as the game of the year? No of course they wern't. Their major game year in and year out until recently has been Nebraska. It is ridiculous to say other wise becuase especially in the 90's NU was the team of the decade. And here is another dumb comment:
Keyshawn Johnson!? Are you effin' kidding me!? Was he a good college football player? Yes. Does he belong on a list with Joe Montana, OJ, Theesman (yes, I realize that's misspelled...that's how he pronounced his name when he was on college but changed it to rhyme with "Heisman"), etc.? Absolutely not.

What are we talking about here? are we talking about Montana and ND or are we talking about Montana at San Fran? We are talking about college football so as far as college football is concerned yes he absolutely deserves to be mentioned with those names. He was if not the best, one of the best recievers in USC history. What he does in his pro career has no barring in this conversation.

And how exactly can you "chuckle" at Notre Dame USC being a great rivalry game? That game has 10 times the history that UT vs. OU does. Here is a fact i bet you didn't know. Nike became what it is today because of the USC Notre Dame rivalry. The first Nike shoe was worn and promoted at this game. And laugh all you want because Notre Dame hasnt had a good team in a while but they are still Americas Dynasty for college football. That is a fact. So far in your statements you have presented nothing but biased opinions as to why UT and OU deserves to be in the top 3 in college football rivals. That is what this whole arguement is about. You dared me to find a team that has all of the credientals that is found in the OU UT game and I found you one better. If you laugh at why USC vs. Notre Dame is not a great rivalry then tell me why, and dont say because Notre Dame sucks because believe it or not, the hardest point that I have tried to make to you is that college football existed before 1998. If ya come at me with some facts then I will listen to your arguement but if ya come at me again with " But I had to chuckle when you said USC/ND" or "Keyshawn Johnson!? Are you effin' kidding me!? " then im just gonna blast ya again.
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