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If I ask ANY? Man it is sad that you are older than me and dont know the history of college football. A rivalry isnt decided in 4 or 5 years of hating each other it is decided over decades.

First you claim that I don't know the history of college football then you go on to say that the Texas/OU rivalry has been decided in the last 4 or 5 years. should've stopped after that.

But I'll give you the Army/Navy game. While it's not very fun to watch, it's still a great rivalry.

But I had to chuckle when you said USC/ND. "These two teams have produced players like Joe Montana, Marcus Allen O.J Simpson, Joe Theisman, Tim Brown, and Keyshawn Johnson."

Keyshawn Johnson!? Are you effin' kidding me!? Was he a good college football player? Yes. Does he belong on a list with Joe Montana, OJ, Theesman (yes, I realize that's misspelled...that's how he pronounced his name when he was on college but changed it to rhyme with "Heisman"), etc.? Absolutely not.

And yes, A&M is a rivalry. The record doesn't reflect it but them being the other prominent in-state university that has had some success in football make them a rivalry.

My whole point in this has been that you can not base a rivalry because two teams have been playing good for a few years and say hey, that is the biggest rivalry in my state so it MUST be one of the greatest of all time.

At what point did I use this as my reasoning?

Texas and OU have been playing good for a few years? Are you sure I'm the one that doesn't know about college football history?
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