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Originally Posted by powda
sack. i stand corrected. thats another solid possibility...but if u dont think 1 sack is worth all the yardage 1 deep pass + the yardage an offense gains from the respect a defense suddenly has to show u are mistaken. look back on the majority of games we won early on. in almost all of the games their was a long pass play. we have the speed. carr has the arm. we've had success with it in the past. to limit your offense because you have no faith in your offensive line for at least 5 plays to give carr 4 seconds means you need to find a new o line...or new scouts. and suddenly palmer gets a stay of execution. i disagree with you even if it means we give up an extra sack per game. this is not an expansion line with ryan schuab (or whatever his name was) starting.

the problem thus far is the same mentality you promote...scared playcalling.

air it out. open up the running game, open up a short passing game and occasionally nail the bomb. how can u disagree with that?
Risk vs. Reward

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Yes! a 10yrd loss on any down kills the drive.
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