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Originally Posted by BuffSoldier
FIddy, do you have some type of beef with DD or what is it. DD is not a Portis, J Lewis, or whoever else but what do you want out of him? Have you been watching the games, DD is the Texans biggest threat so far this year and he is being stacked against, not because they dont think he can break runs but because the Houston passing game has not showed many deep downfield plays or a consitent completion of passes. Who do you know that doesnt stack the line vs a good RB? That made no sense and when did you see the Texans rush 3 and drop 8 on any running down against KC, or SD? That cant be true because they basically never drop Babin.Just because the LBs dont blitz it doesnt mean that they are dropped, maybe that means that the Texans LBs played their respective gaps to fill the running lanes instead of overpusueing on the blitz and then getting burnt. No they Texans have not blitzed alot, but they sertantly dont drop 8 players on a regular basis.

One more thing, I think that you are too stuck on top speed. I personally believe that DD best attribute is the attribute that makes or breaks running backs. He has great vision and the ability to make people miss. If speed was all that counted, why not get a horrible CB in the 6th or 7th round, let them run a 4.4 and put them at RB see how well that works. Speed does have something to do with breaking runs but since when has J.Lewis been a speedster or S. Davis or J. Bettis in his prime, but they broke long runs. J.Rice is not a very fast receiver but I bet he made more deep plays than practicaly any one in history. Speed isnt everything, it isnt even half.
No I dont have a beef with him, I just feel that there could be a talent upgrade at the spot. What is so different between Staley and Davis??? Not much and you dont see the Steelers salivating over Staley. And I know that he isnt Portis but some of the people on this board thinks he is, remember before the season a lot of you guys thought that Davis could rush for 1700 yards??? And the biggest THREAT this year has been Andre Johnson. Here is an excerpt from an article published before the Chiefs game:
While the Chiefs are well aware of Carr and Davis' talent, Johnson will be the scariest player in a Texans uniform.

No downfield plays??? Andre Johnson had 2 downfield plays against the Chiefs. And had another downfield play against the Lions along with Bradford.

I see the Texans dropping 8 all the time. I sit in my chair and watch and wait for it to happen and it always does. One of the reasons the Texans are giving up such a high amount of 3rd and long plays on defense is because they dont bring more then 3 guys a good amount of the time....

Jamal Lewis is fast, he ran a 4.45 40 when he came out of college...

Yeah, Rice made plays but Davis hasnt shown that he can make those long plays...

And I am stuck on speed because it can open up a offense so much more. Do you think if we had a healthy Micheal Bennett in the backfield teams would still blitz us as often??? I dont think so....

'Anyone ready to go outside so I can make you look bad?' - Matt Schaub talking to the DBs
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