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If I ask ANY? Man it is sad that you are older than me and dont know the history of college football. A rivalry isnt decided in 4 or 5 years of hating each other it is decided over decades. The Nu OU has died in the 21st century and will not be strong again until NU gets a team together, but man how can anyone when college football is mentioned not think about Switzer vs. Osborne. Or how about "THE GAME OF THE CENTURY!!!" Back in 71. It is so easy to forget great teams when they go through slumps but every team does. The Aggies in the 80's were a power house and dominated UT but I bet as a UT fan you would say that it is just another game for UT. That they dont care. That rivalry has produced one school with their fight song saying "saw varsity's horns off", and the other with a mascott that has a name because of the 13-0 A&M prank. Wait for OU to get like they were in the 90's and UT to go through a slump and we will see how big of a rival game that is. But back to your question, to name a game that has what UT OU does. Here ya go.
Army vs. Navy is played in Pa. A neutral spot. The stadium is devided in half by fans. They have played each other over 100 times, with 6 national championships between the two. There is that, here is another that is bigger in history than UT OU. One of the greatest all time, USC vs. Notre Dame. These two teams have produced players like Joe Montana, Marcus Allen O.J Simpson, Joe Theisman, Tim Brown, and Keyshawn Johnson. It also has produced 12 heisman trophie winners and 19 national championships. My whole point in this has been that you can not base a rivalry because two teams have been playing good for a few years and say hey, that is the biggest rivalry in my state so it MUST be one of the greatest of all time. I lived in Texas for 18 years and know the importance to those two teams and even the importance that it holds for the Big 12 but to say that it is one of the greatest in college football ever, yes it is RIDICULOUS!!!
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