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Originally Posted by LSUTIGER
You are actually going to throw UT vs. OU as one of the greatest rivalries? That is ridiculous. Look im from Texas, and I am not claiming any of LSU's games as the greatest of rivalries but you shouldnt claim UT OU as one of the top three either. I've been to the red river shootout before and it isnt that impressive. It might be UT's biggest rival cause they get beaten every year, but if you want to go back in history OU's biggest football rival is Nebraska. I will give you the other two even though both Auburn and Alabama are sh** holes, but no way is UT OU up there. Heck your Army vs Navy rivalry in honerable mention is a bigger rival. You cant live in the last 5 years to determine a football rivalry. If you ask any ou fan they'll tell you Texas is their first and foremost rival. Bigger than former Big8 foe Nebraska and bigger than in-state upstart OSU.

Texas losing the last four is irrelevant. They won a string of four in a row before they lost four in a row. So it goes both ways. Texas also holds a sizable lead in the overall series (55-37-5).

As an LSU fan it's not surprising you weren't impressed. What interest would you have in it? I'm pretty sure if I went to the World's Largest Cocktail Party I wouldn't think much of it either. I consider Alabama/Auburn to be a great rivalry. But that doesn't mean I'd be enthralled with what went on during that week.

The game is played at a neutral site every year. Half-way between each school.
The stadium is divided in half by their fan bases.
Most of the kids playing in the game also played against each other in high school.
They have played each other 97 times. Many times, both were ranked in the top 10.
They have 10 National titles between them.

But yeah, it'd be ridiculous to mention it as one of the greatest rivalries in the country.

If you can mention another rivalry that consists of all of that (I realize some have at least one of those characteristics), I'd like to hear it.
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