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Originally Posted by jr0ck
longhornjag, i didn't mean sproles is still in the race (although theoritically he is), i just meant it could be easily argued sproles is the better back than benson. this season stats in three games:

ncaa rank-------------games-att--yds---avg---avg/gm-td

-----3---Cedric Benson--3----64--558---8.7----186.0--4

-----4---Darren Sproles--3----91--550---6.0----183.3--2

quite comprable if i do say so myself. here is a career comparison:


Cedric Benson-----627---3,211---5.1---37

Darren Sproles-----662---4,211---6.4--36

both are excellenet backs, just thought i'd point out that sproles at least deserves the same recognition benson does, if not more.
How can that be argued?

With 27 fewer carries, Benson has 8 more yards and twice as many TDs. He's averageing 2.7 yards more per carry than Sproles. If Benson had as many carries as Sproles, he'd be close to 800 yards on the season. That's not even close to being a comparison.

Sproles is a tremendous talent. And I'm sure if the two RBs switched teams their numbers would also change. But that's not going to help him when it comes time for voting.
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