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Originally Posted by Bill's/TexanFan
Of course "some people" will be quick to say "hindsight" but when we drafted B. Joppru with our second round draft selection ...
Do your comments really advance your agenda?

Let's look at the draft in question

Round 1. Andre Johnson (enough said)
Round 2. Benny Joppru (they traded back, together with a 4th, to get an extra 3rd pick and then took the guy that their staff had worked with for a week, AND KNEW WELL.
Round 3. Antwan Peek
. . . . . . Seth Wand
. . . . . . Tony Hollings pick (thru Oakland)
. . . . . . Dave Ragone
Round 4. Domanick Davis (rookie of the year)
Round 6. Drew Henson (becomes first day pick in 2005)

If you nit pick a selection in this draft (the first time in the history of the NFL that 2 rookies gained over 960 yards in the same year!!), you can't be a fan of this team.

Bummer that the Tacks are 1-2, with 2 home losses in division. They got within a yard and now it's all slipping away ...
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