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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Explain this one to me--show me where opposing defenses release everyone but their front 4 or 3 to cover those down field runs from the "elite" rb's, evidently giving up on every run under 5 yds, for shear fear of the 50 yd run? Folks routinely stack the line against the Ravens, KC, Miami last season, Denver last season, etc. to stuff run 1st offenses. Teams do not drop 7 or 8 to hope they can contain the RB down field.
The Texans. For the first three quarters of the first 3 games the Texans have brought 3 and dropped 8 because they were preventing Holmes and LT from getting into pass coverage but gave up 4-5 yards a carry....

And reasons that you stack the line against last years Ravens', KC, Miami, Denver:
Ravens: Boller was the starting QB till he got injured and then Wright took over and Marcus Robinson was the only deep threat. And teams that stacked the line payed the price because Lewis constanly broke long runs for TDs...
KC: The KC WR corps didnt strike fear in anybody so why not try to stop Holmes....and even when they stacked the line Holmes got 4-5 yards a pop
Miami: Chambers was the #1, who was the #2???
Denver: Teams are going to let Portis beat them when there is a 3rd string QB in there and a 34 year old Rod Smith was the #1 WR???? And when teams did stack the line, Portis went crazy...

When the Lions stacked the line against the Texans, did Davis still get his 4 yards a carry???? Teams stacked the line because they could stop Davis on running plays and then on a pass play they could contain Davis on a dump off and wouldnt give Carr enough time to look down field so by blitzing they stop the WRs. Would you rather die by 50 yard bombs or give up a 1st downs and know that sooner or later someone on the Texans will make a boneheaded mistake. Until Davis can bust out long runs, teams will continue to blitz...

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